Next level massively multiplayer online aviation

The Rotate Network

Rotate is an online multiplayer network for virtual air traffic controllers and pilots. It aims to simulate all aspects of real-world aviation, such as live radio communications and real-world procedures as well as custom radar software, and much more.

Connect your flight simulator to the network and enjoy flying together with your friends and other pilots. Experience air traffic control offered to you by the Rotate community or join them and become a controller yourself. Enter our ATC community to learn how to guide airplanes effectively and master the skies with our realistic radar client.


As a network our community is very important to us, we want to unite aviation fans all around the world to create a more realistic virtual experience.

By joining forces, we will reach traffic numbers and ATC coverage higher than ever seen before on any network.

We are a forward-facing company dedicated to delivering better communication tools via CPDLC for everyone; making improvements to the audio to create realistic voice transmission; encouraging network communities via integrated virtual airlines, pre-set missions and organised events.


Feature Presentation
We will release regular updates
about our progress on
Facebook, Twitter,
and our website.
We are actively developing the network server,
ATC and Pilot client, as well as the Rotate Manager.

During development public progress updates
will be limited to save resouces.
2018 - 2019
Beta Release
There will be a closed alpha for select individuals, followed by a public beta.

Everyone signed up will receive an e-mail once we are ready to test.
End of 2019
By registering before the official Beta,
you will receive an exclusive Early Bird achievement
once the network is officially released to the public.

We need you!

We can’t do it without you!

If you like Rotate and are ready to be part of the new era virtual aviation network, sign up today - and help us bring this projecto to live. Register
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Supported Flight Simulators
Microsoft FSX