MONA - Monitoring Aids System

The Monitoring Aids System analyses the complete flight path of all aircraft, providing you with helpful tips. Think of MONA as your assistant sitting next to you, applying little sticky notes to everything you have missed.

For example, it knows when an aircraft is supposed to start their descent and displays a small reminder next to the aircrafts tag, to let you know the plane has reached its top of descent. Additionally, the next controller, whom you are sending the aircraft to, will love you for always handing over tags just in time. Little does he know that MONA was displaying reminders next to all the aircraft that needed transfers. Anytime a pilot deviates from his flight path or is speeding through the air; MONA lets you know. You can also ask her to remind you when the time is right to execute planned actions, such as having someone descend to a perfect flight level for handovers.

MONA is a beautiful gadget, designed to help you with the little things that help you perfect your controlling and offer excellent service to all pilots.