Pilot Missions

We want to draw on your fascination for flying by giving you missions which help you explore the world of aviation to the full. The Rotate Network’s Mission System is a way of pushing your limits as a pilot and as an ATC.

When you complete missions, a number of things happen. For one, your pilot statistics are updated with the details of your mission. Your contribution to any community mission is made visible. There is also a reward system which gives you achievements and ranks.

The missions are an opportunity for everyone to see how far they’ve come. As a pilot, you benefit from being confronted with flight conditions that might push you outside of your comfort zone. You may have to fly in difficult weather, with technical failure, or make an emergency landing due to a medical emergency. Your mission could include heavy winds, heavy precipitation, or simply be a race against time. Weather dependent missions will only be made available with very short notice and for a limited time only, as soon as we see extreme weather conditions. For ATC, more pilots flying missions means more traffic for you. This increase in mission-specific traffic will give you the opportunity to work with a team of controllers, and will also give smaller airports, included in the mission objectives, more attention. The addition of missions adds extra challenge for ATC, due to managing the influx of connecting flights together as a team. ATC will be able to book slots at different airports, which will be useful for coordinating how many controllers are available to pilots with missions. Pilots browsing the Mission Overview can quickly see when, and how many, ATC are available for each mission. All missions are viewable through the Live Map.

Pilot Mission Rotation

The missions which are available to you are updated on a regular basis. That basis may change, depending on feedback from the community. We are interested in your ideas, so if you are excited about a mission idea which you and your friends came up with, let us know. If we are impressed, then the new mission will be added to our regular mission line-up.

We have more than just regular missions, we also have a special set, complete with achievements, made just for our Kickstarter Founders. Without you, we wouldn’t exist, so this is to say thank you, and to keep your time with the Rotate Network gratifying.

Missions are more than just a way to progress as a pilot, they are a way to progress within the community. Other members can also see your statistics, achievements and completed missions. You can look at the leaderboards to see your statistics in comparison with the community average. Showing off your skills never hurts. Every pilot will have access to optional tutorial missions. This will help new players get their bearings within the Rotate Network, but can be skipped if you already know the basics of flying.

Whatever mission you choose, it will be sure to challenge yourself and help you reflect on adventures you’ve already had, and those yet to come.