Pilot Career

Pilot Career

You are an ace, so show it. Just like real-world pilots, you start small and build up your abilities and certifications. From the smallest single-engine aircraft to enormous fully-loaded cargo jets, you can get expertise in any aircraft by investing time in securing licenses and type ratings, and by doing so define your piloting profile. You will gain experience and can proudly present it to your fellow pilots and controllers.

Pilot License

A pilot license proves that you are a trained pilot. How trained you are is also visible in your profile and when you are in the air on the Live Map. The added depth of flying with Rotate lets you progress and gives you the option of improving as a pilot.

Becoming a successful pilot is about more than just flying from A to B. This is a core part of flight, but before you take to the skies, you need to know a lot. Your pilot training includes things such as phraseology, flight planning, meteorology, navigation, map reading, and flying with and without instruments. You can go through a licensing process to prove your ability in all areas of flight. However, earning your license is not just about gaining knowledge. That is an important part, but having a license is a way to prove to yourself what you can do. It is a way of showing others how excellent you really are and helps make your time with Rotate worthwhile.

Earning your license will be challenging, but it is worth it, both for the sense of accomplishment, the enjoyment and for the added realism.

Type Rating

Having a type rating for each aircraft you want to fly is a lot like the licensing process. By going through the necessary steps to reach a type rating, you prove to yourself and to the rest of Rotate Network that you can operate any aircraft you received a type rating for. Imagine having a hangar and filling that hangar with the aircraft you have type ratings for.

If you are educated on the specific aircraft you want to operate, it lets fellow pilots and Air Traffic Controllers know just how well you can fly whatever aircraft you have a type rating for. To be clear, you can still fly without a license or a type rating. There is no reason for you not to be able to fly as part of the Rotate Network. However, should you choose to push yourself to improve, that will be visible to yourself, your airline, and the rest of the Rotate Network, so do something for yourself and the community by getting certified.