Virtual Passengers

You are the captain of a fully booked flight from Frankfurt to New York City. A boarding delay in has your passengers annoyed, but after a flawless takeoff and perfectly-timed lunch service, they are in good spirits. You start your approach and you descend as planned, but there is a gusting crosswind. No problem for you, though. You complete a smooth landing, taxi to the gate, and watch as the passengers happily deboard. Well done, Captain.

The Virtual Passengers Feature gives you control of your passengers’ safety and satisfaction. Correctly adjusting your aircraft’s weight and fuel to match the cargo is important, but if you are moving people, then you need to feel the impact of your decisions. Many parts of your flight are timed, from the moment the passengers enter your plane until deboarding is completed. How much enjoyment they have is influenced by how much time these various stages of the flight take. You can tell them when to fasten their seatbelts, determine when the board service can begin, when it is unsafe to stand or move around in the cabin. From preflight to deboarding, you are in charge. Plan accordingly, and be aware of when weather systems will get in the way of in-flight services, know how much time the flight staff need for meals and drinks, and what amount of time is right for your passengers to be stuck in their seats. Ideally, you will not have any injuries due to unbuckled seat-belts, but you will manage to give your passengers enough opportunities to move around the cabin.

See how the passengers react to your gentle maneuvers, or to your wild joyride. This feature is an additional challenge and an opportunity. Fly well, pull off a smooth landing, and you will be rewarded with happy passengers and an excellent rating.