For air traffic controllers a simple text message can make all the difference when trying to handle a lot of traffic at the same time. CPDLC allows you to send and receive predefined text messages or free text from pilots. From the moment you decide to log-in as a controller you automatically offer CPDLC to pilots wanting to connect to your station. The network-wide integration of CPDLC is especially handy for controllers who handle overcrowded frequencies or complicated reroutings. No matter how busy, it helps all controllers maximize their efficiency and comfort on the job.

CPDLC can even prove valuable when dealing with new or text-only pilots, as it provides all the necessary instructions your connected pilot needs without having to type anything. Your frequency will be less crowded by "say again(s)" and readbacks and this way you free up more time for traffic planning and pro-active controlling. The purpose of CPDLC is not to get rid of the traditional method of voice frequencies communication, but to provide a faster and easier way to deal with standard tasks. We want to achieve maximum realism and in specific scenarios, such as position reports over the Atlantic Ocean, CPDLC inevitably plays a central role in modern aviation. Find out more about how CPDLC will help you:

CPDLC for Pilots CPDLC for Airlines