CPDLC for Pilots

In aviation today, CPDLC is especially useful for pilots in many areas including, but not limited to, IFR clearances, position reports and enroute services. It allows you to send predefined text messages or free text to controllers, other pilots or your airline. CPDLC can save pilots and controllers a lot of time, and it proves helpful in a specific situation typical for virtual aviation networks, if you choose to use text-only communication.

You will also benefit from CPDLC when connected to overly congested communication channels, severe weather, or simply want to have a backup comm channel. Another benefit of CPDLC use as a pilot is being able to simply click one button when receiving instructions from an ATC. No need to type anything while trying to set up your systems, just one click.

Connecting to ATC

Pilots can access CPDLC via the Pilot Client. Here you can connect to the appropriate station or send messages to others using the Telex system. CPDLC allows you to manage complicated clearances from air traffic controllers efficiently, by always being able to review the clearance you received. Communication is still possible with CPDLC even in the case of overcrowded frequencies, when you just can't make yourself heard.

Our smartly integrated system can also determine where you are and where you are going and pre-fill position reports with data for extra convenience, so you won't have to worry about typing all your waypoints into the system. For supported aircraft, which allow us to synchronise the data from the FMC, this function will be the most accurate.

There are also plans for the future to support CPDLC directly inside of your simulator in the FMC of your aircraft.

Talking to your airline and others

Airlines and other pilots don't have individual stations, which you can log-on to, as you would do with ATC stations. Instead, you can use the Telex message system, which allows you also to send free text messages to individuals. Through Telex you have the opportunity to coordinate with your airline and other pilots, or simply say “hi” to them.

CPDLC and its Telex variant will also work in the Rotate Manager and App, giving you the ability to communicate to all of your friends currently logged in to the system.

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